Please do not share this link with ANYONE, this is just a beta release that I am sending to the first graduating class of the UGT VIP program…

You Crushed UGT 3.0…Now What?

I have been getting quite a few emails from UGT VIPs who have made it through all 4 phases of the UGT 3.0 and are feeling great on the ice.

Naturally, you don’t want to lose the benefits of your hard work over the last 16-weeks, I don’t blame you. So I have a solution.

I appreciate that you were successful with the UGT 3.0 because you have a true passion to be the best goalie you can be – whatever your level of play.

I want to make it easy for you to continue the climb, so how about I do up a BRAND NEW – UGT 3.0 style workout for you each and every month.


This program will be cyclic in nature, so you do not just keep trying to build and build and build until your body finally breaks down. There will be phases focusing on the foundation, on max strength, on power and of course on speed and stamina.

Like I said, I want to make it simple for you so I am going to make it an off-shoot of the Goalie Workout Club and charge you exactly the same rate $15.95 per month to continue your training.

When you sign up, I am also going to give you all of the Goalie Workout Club workouts that you have missed so far…16-months worth (yes, for only $15.95)! Like I said, it is just the beta release, I want to make sure you can access all the training modules you deserve.

The Goalie Workout Club workouts are a little bit easier than what you are used to with the UGT 3.0 – they are a little more fitness oriented, but you never know, you might want to have a change of pace or you may want something a little less demanding during the heat of the season.

Let me be clear though…your on-going Goalie Workout Club VIP workouts will be of a similar caliber that you have come to expect from the UGT program.

Here’s How It Works

Step One: Click the “Buy Now” button below

Step Two: When you are taken to the registration page, you will need to create a new account – this is NOT THE SAME WEBSITE so you will not be able to login with your existing info. CREATE A NEW USERNAME AND PASSWORD – write them down so you can find them again.

Step Three: Check your email for a few important details, like the link back to the login page so you can get back to the site anytime.

Remember, every month there will be a new program for you. You will be billed monthly.

Don’t worry, if at anytime you want to stop getting the latest training programs so you can always be a few steps ahead of the competition, then simply cancel your subscription (make sure to save your receipt to make it even easier).

Like all of my training programs, I know this one works, so I offer an unprecedented 60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked, no hassle, no problem. Imagine hiring a trainer who will let you work out with them for 60 days and then turn around and give you all of your money back!

Join Today For Only $15 Per Month!


This program is available seasonally and is not currently open for enrollment.  If you are already a member, you will continue to have access.

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